Syntesyn Plus contains 1,5% sodium hyaluronate solution;

The joint juice implant is intended for symptomatic effect. It decreases the severity of joint pain and improves the functional characteristics of the joints.

It acts by increasing the synovial fluid viscosity in the articulations affected by osteoarthritis. Syntesyn Forte relieves pain and improves joint mobility over a long period.

The implant is single-packed. It is produced in injectable form (in medical syringes without needles in blisters). Only qualified personnel is allowed to work with the implant.

A dose schedule is calculated individually depending on a stage of osteoarthritis at the discretion of the orthopedist. It is a good practice to maintain a one-week interval between the injections. If the clinical outcome is good, the injection course should be finished. It is advisable to repeat the injection courses every 6-24 months depending on the clinical response.

The list of contra-indications includes skin inflammation, infection, recent arthroscopic surgery, diabetes, pregnancy and lactation, and hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate.  

Syntesyn Forte may induce temporary side-effects such as pain in the joint, redness, burning sensation, and edema. Upon the average, the pain lingers on for 12-24 hours, but no longer than 3 days.