Hydrous biopolymer with silver ions which consists of cross-linked polyacrylamide (4,0±1,5)%, silver ions (0,0001÷0,0005)%, water for injections. Also contains potassium hydrogen phosphate and sodium chloride.
Mechanism of action
NOLTREXSIN acts by restoring the viscosity of synovial fluid and optimizing of tribological properties. The material reduces friction of the joint surfaces. As result the pain is relieved, joint mobility is improved and joint dysfunction is stopped. Presence of silver ions in the material protect the implant from bacterial colonization. The advantages of NOLTREXSIN also include a longer therapeutic effect as compared to pharmaceutical products and materials used for
The tissue response is minimal, manifested by hyperplasia and release of type A synoviocytes (macrophages) into articular cavity. Biodegradation occurs by macrophage resorption and non-cellular lysis. The biodegradation process is very slow, with the material breaking down to inert low-molecular products, which are then removed from the body by an ordinary way through the kidneys or in faeces.
NOLTREXSIN is designed to reduce pain and improve joint mobility in osteoarthritis of any stage.
NOLTREXSIN is administered via an intra-articular injection by doctors.