Endoprosthesis of synovial fluid MATREXSYN
Description of product
Endoprosthesis of synovial fluid MATREXSYN is a material that is used for viscosupplementation.
It is a highly viscous, highly biocompatible, high-molecular weight gelatinous polymer (hyaluronic-polyacrylamide gel with silver ions), color varies from transparent to pale yellow, sterile. It is free from any human or animal components. The presence of a few bubbles in the syringe is normal due to the high viscosity of the material.
MATREXSYN consists of: Hyaluronic-polyacrylamide gel with silver ions, which is polyacrylamide linked to hyaluronic acid (8 mg/ml solution), contains silver ions (0,001-0,005 mg/ml), water for injection, phosphate buffer, sodium chloride.
Intended use
MATREXSYN is designed for endoprosthesis of synovial fluid to reduce pain and improve mobility of the large joints (coxofemoral, knee, ankle) in any stage of osteoarthritis. It is administered via an intra-articular injection by a doctor.
Intended patient population
Patients with osteoarthrosis (osteoarthritis) I-IV stages of the large joints (coxofemoral, knee, ankle).
Endoprosthesis of synovial fluid MATREXSYN is designed for the palliative treatment of osteoarthrosis (osteoarthritis) in any stage of the large joints (coxofemoral, knee, ankle).
Mechanism of action
MATREXSYN acts by restoring the viscosity of synovial fluid and optimizing of tribological properties.
The gel reduces friction of the joint surfaces. As result the pain is relieved, join mobility is improved and joint dysfunction is stopped. Presence of silver ions in the gel protects the endoprosthesis from bacterial colonization. The presence of a weak coordination bond between polyacrylamide and hyaluronic acid ensures the preservation of the basic properties of hyaluronic acid, ensures its physico-chemical stability and also provides a delay of hyaluronic acid in the polyacrylamide gel when it injected into the joint, gradual release of hyaluronic acid during the period of the endoprosthesis is in the human body.
MATREXSYN’s cross-linked polyacrylamide structure creates the possibility of a smooth change of biodegradation time, so it is used as a long time lubricant and as a depot for hyaluronic acid solution which allows to extend the positive effect of hyaluronic acid in the joint. Intra-articular injection even of a large dose of MATREXSYN does not lead to development of synovitis or a dystrophic process of the cartilaginous tissue. The advantages of MATREXSYN also include a longer therapeutic effect as compared to pharmaceutical products and materials used for viscosupplementation.